VoiceOver - Record and Do More

Is your recorded clip sounds plain and boring? ​Do you want to add new dimension to you recording? 
Do you want sound like chipmunk or robot or Batman?
Want to make your audio message more effective by adding background music?
Or adjust pitch, add echo, add reverb, and DO MORE.

We have superb solution : " VoiceOver- Record and Do More"

Simple, Intuitive, User Friendly

VoiceOver is simple, intuitive, user friendly app to add echo, reverb, manage gain, shift pitch, Time Stretch effects.. 
You can add pleasant background to your recording to make it more colorful and delightful.
For example, Add background music of "Ocean Wave" to have feeling of being near to nature. and many more such effects. 
"VoiceOver - Record and Do More": provides you with ready to use effects like changing voice to chipmunk, Robot, Ghost, Martian, Radio, Batman
Use VoiceOver and impress you friends. 


Basic Feature: 
1. Record voice and save it with good compression.
- Basic use of VoiceOver as simple Audio Recorder. Save your recording with very good compression.

Utility Feature: 
1. Equalizer: 
- 5 Band Equalizer, Give different dimension to your voice with each band. 
2. Echo:
- Manage Decay and Delay length when creating echo.
3. Gain:
- Increase or decrease gain as per your need.
4. Pitch Shift:
- Fast and Low CPU overhead operation.
- Increase or Decrease pitch of your recording.
- Make it super slow or fast.
5. Reverb:
- Create professional reverb effect.
- Exposure to lots of factor to create most suited reverb effect.

6. Flanger:
- Add super cool flanger effect.

7. TimeStretch:
- Stretch time domain of your recording.
- Make it short and fast or long and lazy.

8. Background Music
- Add pleasing backgrounds to you plain recording.
- Various music score to choose from.
- Mange background score volume.

Social Feature: 
1. Sharing
- Show your great work to world.
- Share with your friend via Facebook, Social Messenger , Mail.

2. VoiceOver Event:
- VoiceOver Event reminder to remind about special event.
- Event Specific notification to make event more special by your VoiceOver.

Fun Features: 

1. Super fun VoiceOver effects:
-Impress your friend with cool effects
- Change your sound to more like
- Chipmunk
- Robot 
- Radio 
- Ghost
- Martian
- Batman 
​Please install "VoiceOver - Record and Do More" app. Make most it it.
 Record : Apply Echo, Reverb, Equalizer, change Pitch, Time-stretch audio length and many more. Apply delightful background music and share with your friends


We will be grateful for your valuable comment and feedback. 
If you face any problem please let us know. We are more happy to help. 

​Thanks you for using VoiceOver. Keep up Good work.